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Frequently asked Question


What is the condition of the pallets? Are they new, used, or refurbished?

Unless the pallets have been marked as refurbished or damaged items, all items come new in a box. Sometimes items are damaged in transit so allow a 15% buffer for damaged boxes

What is the quantity of merchandise on each pallet? Is it the same for all pallets, or does it vary?

The quantity of merchandise on each pallet can vary depending on the type of merchandise being sold. For example, our high piece county pallets contain smaller items but much larger box count at up to 500 pcs per box while our medium pallets and LPN loads contain only 50-100 boxes. The retail value however is almost always the same at between $4k-6k estimated, sometimes less and sometimes more.

What is the total weight of each pallet? Will it be suitable for your storage space and transportation needs?

The weight of each pallet can vary depending on the merchandise included but is generally in excess of a few hundred pounds. It is important to consider the weight of each pallet and ensure that it is suitable for your storage space and transportation needs.

What type of merchandise is included on each pallet? Is it a mix of products or a specific category?

The type of merchandise included on each pallet can vary depending on the pallet type. offers pallets with a mix of products, while others may have pallets with a specific category of merchandise. Check with your Procurement Specialist for more details.

What is the price of each pallet? Is it competitive with other suppliers in the market?

The price of each pallet can vary depending on the supplier, the condition of the pallets, and the type of merchandise included. Not pallets are created equal! The old adage applies, you "get what you pay for". -


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